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AIR DATE:  2009-02-17 - 22:00

SEASON:    10



When a man is found badly beaten with no memory of what happened in a strip club parking lot, Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler are at a loss for evidence as a rainstorm washed away any clues. A fake fingernail embedded in the victim's back leads the detectives to believe that the attacker is female. Detective Benson and Stabler turn to the female dancers at the club for questioning, but a homeless man, Sid Gabbert, points the detectives to the victim's truck. Using evidence found in the truck, the detectives learn that the victim, Mark Van Kuren, was sent to repossess the car of strip club dancer, Molly "Misty" Lambert. After questioning "Misty," Van Kuren awakes in the hospital with no memory, but brings the attention to his ex-wife Ellen and their 13-year-old transgender son Henry.